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About the photographer

Meet: Rich Monyer (Paul Marcus)

Originally from New Jersey and a US ARMY veteran, Richard brings you talent, a creative eye and a vision to capture every special moment on your wedding day.  We will capture every detail that you have planned from the flowers and table settings to your jewelry, dress and shoes.  We won't overlook anything for the bride or groom.  The name "Paul Marcus" comes from my middle name Paul and one of my sons first name: Marcus.  We liked the way they sounded together and went with it.

My Experience

Since 2009 we have been photographing people and weddings.  Portraits of all types have given us a great skill to know how to make YOU look good on your wedding day.  We will have you in the best light or create it ourselves using flash etc.  Our editing skills will have your best photos looking like you are featured in a magazine!